5 things your interviewer wants to hear!

Imagine you are employing someone to work for you. What would you want that person to be like? What character traits and behaviour would you like to hear and see proof of if you were interviewing someone to work for you!?   You can turn this around to ask, what does a potential boss want to hear from me in an interview and what can I say or do to increase my chances of receiving an offer!?   I know what I look for. So here is my top 5 things I look for as an employer:

  1. Hard working – Show me you can work hard, give examples of hard work or demonstrate that to me by knowing something about the company, our clients, industry, history e.t.c Put the work into preparation and you will be rewarded.
  2. Reliable – Demonstrate to me that you are reliable. Turn up to interviews on time, give evidence/ examples of reliable behaviour to demonstrate this to me. I will simply not invest time and money in unreliable people.
  3. Evidence of experience/aptitude to do the job – If you have done a similar job before show me that you have done it to the best of your ability and if not then relate your experiences/skills/education to the position you have applied for. 
  4. Evidence of good character – The most important point for me! If you have all the experience and qualifications required for the job, but I don’t think that you have a character that fits with the ethos of Lobsterjobs, then you wont be invited back for another interview. You have more chance of being invited if you don’t have the required experience and qualifications, but you have shown me the desire, tenacity and strength in character I require.  
  5. Evidence that you can fit in and work well to improve the structure/environment I have already – Lastly show me that you are friendly, will listen, will learn and be a positive influence on the company.

These are 5 points that I look for. These 5 points have been developed over 10 years of interviewing and employing people in both the IT and Hospitality industries. In the Hospitality industry which is so volatile, character, reliability and hard work are very important. So if you are going for a catering job or hospitality job or a Hotel job and you show that you have these traits and behaviours you wont go far wrong!!