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The Catering industry have been hit hard in 2020. We are a recruitment website for the Hospitality Industry. This means we allow you to advertise your vacancies if you have restaurant jobs, caterer jobs, chef jobs, hotel jobs or bar jobs. Full time, part time and contract. Specialising in Hospitality Vacancies we enable candidates to find their perfect role by searching across all of these working environments.

As a team, we strongly believe that advertising your vacancies should be cost effective. We also believe that you should be able to relate your recruitment activities to your brand and marketing strategies. Lobster allows you through your recruitment activities, to add to your company brand and marketing strategies. Register with us and find out for yourself.

We have job feeds for all our locations including jobs in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh, along with that you can keep up to date with all Restaurant, Hotel, Caterer, Chef and Pub/Bar industry news and find us directly find on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are generally four types of catering:
  1. Wedding Catering. 
  2. Corporate Catering.
  3. Social Event Catering.
  4. Concession Catering.

There are many ways to describe Catering. The below is some:

  • Preparing and serving meal accompaniments to guests. Performed side-work.
  • Set tables and busing as needed. Performed set up and breakdown of various stations.
  • Assisting with orders to go, as needed.
  • Seating guests and helping with answering phones as business demands.
  • Performed other duties as assigned.

Good Catering Manager skills include:

  • Strong Communication skills.
  • Customer service.
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • leadership
  • keen interest in food and catering

Although a big part of catering is preparing good food for guests, it also includes  communicating with customers, getting to know their requirements and being as polite as possible to any guests. Learning to communicate well in a customer service environment is critical to success in catering.

The act of Catering is the provision of food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or event venue.

The 5 C’s of event management are:

  1. Concept
  2. Coordination
  3. Control
  4. Culmination
  5. Closeout.

The majority of people, circa 40% are willing to travel between 21-30 miles for their perfect role and over 72% would travel 21 miles or more. Most would prefer as little as possible, between 5 miles and 10 miles being ideal. This 5 miles to 10 miles can vary greatly depending on whether the role is full time or part time. This can depend on the location. For example if you have jobs in London it can take a lot longer to get to the job so your commute maybe longer. Employers who want to try and find the best candidates for the job regardless of distance can be more flexible to deal with this.

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A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.